Tiddlywinks @ Holy Trinity, Bromley Common,

Tiddlywinks @ Petts Wood & Tiddlywinks @ Poverest have spaces that are filing up fast.

2, 3 & 4 Year Old Funding & 30 Hours Funding is Accessible

If you would like to to arrange a viewing of a Tiddlywinks setting please don't hesitate to call

0790 999 1595



We have an exciting new building that is now finished at our Poverest site which has provided us with additional spaces and new facilities.

This has meant again we need more staff!


We are looking for a Deputy & Practitioner.


Please contact us for an application form by emailing vickitiddlywinks@gmail.com


Tiddlywinks Pre-School aims to provide a caring environment where children can learn to interact with other children and adults on what might be their first venture away from home. Stimulating activities help them learn to make friends, take turns, share and negotiate, enabling them to reach their full potential. We feel that when children are relaxed, safe, valued and having fun it builds their confidence and develops independence making them happier to learn and of course paving the way for their move to school.


Tiddlywinks Pre-School @ Petts Wood

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Tiddlywinks Pre-School @ Poverest

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Tiddlywinks Pre-School @ Holy Trinity, Bromley Common

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