Tiddlywinks Pre-School


How do I register my child?

There are many ways in which you can do this: You can fill out the registration form online and a member of the team will contact you to arrange a viewing, you can contact us on 0790 999 1595 or by email to book an appointment to view. During your viewing, a senior member of our team will show you around the setting, answer any questions you may have and provide you with a prospectus and waiting list form. No spaces are confirmed until the waiting list form has been completed and returned to us along with the deposit.

How will Tiddlywinks help my child settle?

The Viewing - Your child is very welcome to attend when you are viewing the setting and most parents feel this is a good opportunity to see what their child thinks.

Visiting Morning - Once the space has been confirmed your child is invited to attend a visiting morning the term before they are due to start. The visiting morning is arranged for a day on which your child will be attending once they have started. During the visit you complete the relevant forms, you and your child will be introduced to your child’s assigned key person and a plan can be discussed to help your child’s first day run as smoothly as possible.

First Day – We stagger the intake dates to enable all children to have best possible chance to settle with the help of their key person.

Daily Routine – Each morning the parents bring their child into the room rather than leaving them at the door and our staff are always on hand to offer support to help the child feel comfortable.

What happens if my child does not settle?

The Tiddlywinks team work as hard as they can with parent to help their child settle. Each child is an individual and so a plan can be discussed between you and the key person to agree what the best course of action would be.

How old does my child need to be to attend?

We take children from the age of two to five years old. Due to the new intake to school we will mostly have spaces available in September however if we do have spaces available during the year which we will contact and offer places to those on the waiting list (age priority).

Does my child have to be potty trained before starting?

No! No setting should discriminate against children who have not yet reached that stage in development. Most children do find it easier to settle once they are toilet trained as then they can concentrate on their new surrounding but it will only happen when they are ready. When you do start we will support you by mirroring what you are doing at home having a different routine at home so that children experience continuity. When toilet training, some parents prefer to send their child in with their own change of clothes bag but we do have our own spare clothes for unforeseen accidents.

How many days should my child start on?

There is no rule for the number of sessions your child should use. We suggest that a 2 year old starts on two morning a week as when they only attend one sessions a week it makes it seem a really long time before that attend again, making settling in much harder. Tiddlywinks offer a range of different length sessions that can be viewed below for you to choose from subject to availability.

Do siblings have automatic entry?

No we are unable to predict if you would like a space for a sibling and what sessions you would like for them and so we would ask you to register in the same way however as you are known to the setting you can request a waiting list form from us directly without making a viewing appointment.

When can I increase my child’s sessions?

You are able to request an increase in sessions whenever convenient to you subject to availability. Due to the recent change with the school intake we typically have spaces available in September however if spaces are available during the year they will be offered on a first come first served bases and given priority over new starters. Most parents request to increase ready for the term after your child is three as they become entitled to the government funding which the setting arranges on your behalf.

Does Tiddlywinks have a parents evening?

We host annual parent consultation meeting and we do have many other procedures in place for parents to have feedback and communication with the setting. We send home your child’s EYFS progress profile twice a year for you to read and add your own comment to, which is yours to keep when your child leaves the setting. Your child’s key person and senior members of the team are available to approach at the beginning and end of each session. If you have particular items you would like to discuss in more detail, a meeting can be arranged. We have an open door policy, which allows parents to stay for the sessions allowing them to see their child in a different environment and gives them a chance to discuss anything they need to. We have an email address and two contact numbers for parents to us. We send out a newsletter to all the parents half termly to update them on general information as well as it being available on the website. Those parents who use child-minders communicate via contact books. 

Do the children go on visits?

Yes, however, no children are taken off site without parents signed permission. The butterflies (our older children) regularly attend the local library to find books linked to our themes. They go with two members of the team and volunteer parents keeping to the outing ratio. We rarely take the whole group out of the setting as we need so many volunteers but it is occasionally possible. When doing this we always walk holding hands and never use public transport or private vehicles meaning we only ever visit local areas. It is much easier to get visitors to come to use and so we regularly have the police, paramedics, fire brigade, librarian and pets to the setting.

Does Tiddlywinks have a uniform?

Tiddlywinks does have t-shirts, polo shirts, fleeces and sweatshirts available in Graduates in Orpington. These however are not compulsory. Children should come to pre-school in comfortable clothing, taking into consideration the weather, what they will be doing during a normal day for example sensible shoes for running and climbing, manageable clothing for easy toilet us or being changed etc. Jewellery much not be worn and long hair must be tied back.

If you still have further questions not answered above please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help in any way possible