Terms & Conditions

Tiddlywinks Pre-School

Terms & Conditions


All children attending Tiddlywinks Pre-School will be treated in accordance with our Equal Opportunities policy.


Parents have access to the Pre-school’s policies (located on parent table or via our website) and you agree that your child may be dealt with in accordance with them. The Pre-school reserves the right to amend policies, but parents will be informed of all changes in writing.


•A  deposit of £100 is payable on initial registration at Tiddlywinks Pre-School. The deposit will be refunded providing the required notice has been given and paid for. If a visitng morning is used however the child doesn't start only 70% of the deposit will be refunded.

•Fees are payable in advance by the end of each previous half term.

•All sessions that a child is registered for must be paid for and this includes holidays taken during term time and absence due to sickness.

•For a full deposit refund, six weeks term-time notice must be given in writing if a child is no longer going to attend Tiddlywinks. Any fees for this period are payable in full regardless to whether the child actually attends or not. 30% of your deposit will be used to cover the attendance of your child’s visiting morning if the 6 weeks term time notice is given before the agreed start date. In a case where the funding has been claimed the fees must be covered by the funding (this cannot be double claimed), or be covered by the parents. Six weeks written notice must also be given if you wish to decrease sessions.

•A charge of £1 per day will be made for any overdue fees. This is to a maximum of forty days at which point legal action will be taken to recover amounts owed.

•Tiddlywinks Pre-School reserves the right to withdraw any child from Tiddlywinks due to non-payment of fees.

•All children are entitled to government funding in the first term after they turn three. This covers the majority of the fees but each term additional services will be charged to cover costs. This amount varies each term due to the number of weeks.

•The manager of Tiddlywinks will apply for funding and administrate the funding process. However this requires forms to be filled out by parents and a copy of child’s birth certificate or passport. If these two items are not forthcoming from parents they are not eligible for funding and become liable to pay full fees without nursery education grant funding.

•Cheques should be made payable to Tiddlywinks Pre-School

•The Pre-School will give a minimum of six weeks notice regarding any fee increases.


All children attending Tiddlywinks Pre-School will be treated in accordance with our Behaviour Management policy. Tiddlywinks Pre-School reserves the right to withdraw a child from the pre-school if the owner deems a child’s behaviour results in a breach of Pre-School policies.


Children suffering from sickness or diarrhoea must not return to the pre-school until at least 48 hours after the last bout of sickness or diarrhoea. Children who have any infectious disease must remain at home for the quarantine period. You undertake to inform us if your child has head lice or threadworm.


Tiddlywinks Pre-School does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to a child's or parent's property or clothing.


Parents are required to arrive promptly at the time stated on the home/school agreement to collect their child. Tiddlywinks Pre-School reserves the right to charge £1 every minute after the child’s session has finished for each late collection.

Children will only be handed over to:


(b)The named representatives as given on the Registration form (or subsequently notified in writing to the Leader).

(c)In the case of an emergency an alternative person (to those named above) when the leader has been informed via telephone with an agreed password.

(d)A named person over the age of 16.

Neither Tiddlywinks nor any staff members take responsibility for children outside pre-school hours.


You consent to first aid being administered to your child by a suitably trained member of staff.

In the event of a serious accident (provided every effort has been made to contact either parents or the emergency contact on the registration form) you consent to your child receiving medical treatment on professional medical advice whilst your child is still in the care of a member of the Pre-school staff.


Tiddlywinks Pre-School may take photographs of children to be used solely to illustrate the work of the Pre-school and the developmental progress of the child. Any objections should be forwarded to the owner in writing. Photographs are published on the Pre-School website. Only registered users are able to view the photo gallery by invitation from the manager.


You consent to the Pre-school leader and special educational needs coordinator consulting with the area special needs coordinator (in accordance with the SEN code of practice) should a special need concerning your child be identified. You will be informed of any such referrals in advance.


You consent to a key person carrying out observations to assist with progressing children’s development and progress.


Tiddlywinks Pre-School reserves the right to exclude a child from the pre-school if these terms and conditions are not adhered to.


All decisions regarding placements, continued attendance and the implementation of these terms and conditions will be made at the discretion of the pre-school owner and will be final.