Petts Wood Routine

This is the usual routine for a typical day however we are very flexible.

9.00 am               Breakfast club- we provide a range of cereals and other breakfast food items, served with a drink.

9.15 am               Doors are open, Morning children are welcomed in, Children self-register (placing their name cards to the board) & Parents/Carers settle their child to an activity.

9.30 am               The fully funded children arrive and self register

9.35 am               Caterpillar small group times (Younger Children)– Children can join in with activities like songs and rhymes, sing hello songs saying each child’s name or listen to short stories.

                            Butterflies small group times (School Leavers) – Children can join in with activities like learning phonic sounds, recognising letters, recognising numbers, counting or listening and attention

9.40 am                Free Play Activities (Covering all 7 areas of learning) indoors and outside.

                             Key-Person groups in the side room. This is a chance for the key-person to interact with their key-children and encourages good relationships. In these small groups the key person might plan to: practice pincer grip skills, scissor control, taking turns, build a train track, etc.

10.00 am              Snack Bar – Staff members encourage the children to use the toilet, wash their hands, find their name card, choose a snack from the healthy options provided by us and pour a drink of either milk or water.

10.30-11.30         The garden doors are opened and the children choose if they want to play inside or out.

12.00 noon          Tidy Up Time – All children are encouraged to tidy away the toys.

12.10                   End circle time – This could be listening to a story, singing action songs, rhymes or moving to music.

12.15                   Home time for the morning children.

12.20                  Children are encouraged to go to the toilet and wash their hands ready for lunch.

12.30                  Lunch time –  children eat a packed lunch from home.

1pm                    Children brush their teeth.

1.05pm              Children can access all the activities in the hall.

1.50pm              Outside play.

2.25pm              Children get ready to go home, then sing our goodbye song.

2.30pm              Home time.