Parental Involvment

Tiddlywinks Pre-School

Parental Involvement

We believe that children benefit most from early years education and care when parents and settings work together in partnership.

Our aim

Our aim is to support parents as their children's first and most important educators by involving them in their children's education and in the full life of the setting. We also aim to support parents in their own continuing education and personal development.

•Make all new parents aware of the group’s systems and policies

•Ensure that parents are informed on a regular basis about their child’s progress

•Involve parents in shared record keeping about their own child, either formally or informally.

•Welcome contribution of parents, whatever form these may take.

•Make known to all parents the system for registering queries, complaints or suggestions.

The above will be achieved in various ways including:

•Information packs for new parents

•Informal/formal chats

•Feedback at the end of sessions

•Written information available to read

•Regular updates via Tiddlywinks website & Social Media sites

•Sending home child progress records for parents to contribute to

•Providing a feedback box and regular questionnaires