Sun Safety

Tiddlywinks Pre-School

Sun Safety

We all welcome the nice weather however we must ensure we keep all the children safe from the dangerous effects it may have.

What Tiddlywinks does to keep your children safe in the sun:

We ensure we provide fresh water for all the children throughout the day and encourage the children often to keep hydrated.

We provide them with pre-school sun hats to cover their heads. Providing a strict policy regarding them not playing in the outside area without protection on their head.

We provide as many activities as possible in the shaded parts of the garden. Creating additional shade where possible.

We ensure all children take rests from the sun throughout the day ensuring they also spend time indoors.

We encourage parents and children to follow our sun safety guidance, checking where possible if children are protected. We ensure that those children that are not protected have limited if any time outside.

We provide the children with as much fresh air as possible by opening windows and door, providing it’s safe to do so.

We ask parents to:

Provide a cold drink in the children’s packed lunches (If lunch is required).

To apply sun cream to the children before attending the session. Please cover all the areas of their body that will be revealed to the sun.

To wear appropriate clothing for example covering the child’s shoulders as well as wearing shoes the children can run and climb in.